Footbold - Negros Island



If you have any football boots, shin pads, footballs or similar, which are in your way, then donate them to the project. I can guarantee to you that it will bring happiness in Kalumboyan.



There are several addresses in Denmark and one in Tromsø where you can drop off your donations. These places are being a huge help in order to receive donations. The person(s) living at the address will store the equipment, which is why they are called “treasure-keepers”, until it is ready to be packed for the Philippines.

Want to be a “treasure-keeper”?

”The “treasure-keepers” are essential to the project to receive and store the donations. Without addresses’ to drop of donations the project would simply not be possible. We hope that many will sign up across Denmark to make it even easier for people to donate their equipment.

If you notice that a “treasure-spot” is missing in your area and you would like to volunteer as a “treasure-keeper, do not hesitate contact us.


What does it take to be a “treasure-keeper”?

Honestly; not a whole lot. We will mark your address at the map for “treasure-spots” as a spot for people to drop of their donations and then you will have to store them. A picture is preferred to our page “about us”, but not a requirement.

Don’t have any football equipment – there are other ways to help!
- Sharing is carrying!

You might not have any football equipment, but you might have a huge knowledge of something that we are lacking! You might have great connections to eg: football clubs, a local newspaper, a store, which could work as a “treasure-spot”? You might be a journalist, photographer or one who knows how to make a budget?

There are many areas to cover in a project like this - maybe you are the person we are missing in our team?

Feel free to contact us.


Travel along with the team to the Philippines

Within a year we will have to gather a team to travel with the project in the end of December/mid-January. The team must consist of at least two coaches/football players and, if possible, a photographer. Marie is in charge of getting a team together based on applications.

It is essential for the project that the small team is able to work together and have the same goal; to make children smile through football. If you believe that you are the right person, feel free to send us an email.


Include information:

  • About you,
  • Why you would like to travel along with the project,
  • And what you can bring to the project.


Note, that travelling along the project is on your OWN responsibility and you will pay for your OWN expenses.
Footies For Smiles does NOT cover any expenses.

Your Ideas

Do you have any ideas, which could bring this project even further, do not hesitate to contact us.


Travel Along

You want to come with us?.


Spread The Word

Please spread the word and share us on social media. #FootiesForSmiles

Treasure Spots

How to contact us

Footies For Smiles - Smiles trough football

It's not about saving the kids - it's about getting them to smile.

  • +45 61 70 36 40
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Lensmannsvegen 23, 9020 Tromsdalen, Norway

Where to donate


  • Rikke Bech Håkonsen - Nygårdsvej 33, 9260 Gistrup
  • Marie Steensen - Algade 58, 9690 Fjerritslev
  • Malene Holm - Stampmøllevej 2, 8300 Odder
  • Ricksaw Tours & Travel - Østre Kanalgade 16st, 9000 Allborg
  • Gitte Skovdal - Bushøjvej 206, 8270 Højbjerg
  • Nøvling fodboldklub - Nøvling Skolevej 5, 9230 Svenstrup
  • Struer Energi Park - Park Alle 4, 7600 Struer
  • AaB/pige-dame afdeling - Hornvej 2, 9220 Aalborg Øst
  • Systofte Boldklub - Stubmøllevej 8,4800 Nykøbing Falster


  • Øyvind Henriksen - Lensmannsvegen 23, 9020 Tromsdalen


  • Lisbeth Frost - Am Vossmoor 1, Badenstedt, 27404 Zeven